How to Start a Vertical Garden

If you’ve surfed through the web, chances are that you have found a lot of pictures and tutorials to learn how to make Japanese Moss Balls (also known as Kokedamas). And, also, chances are that you may want to know How to Start a Vertical Garden. Well, this is a great idea since these kinds of gardens not only are stunning but also really stylish and a great option for your house these days. Kokedamas are very easy to make and will look good in any environment. 

These plants require a little amount of water. Thus, it is very easy to take care of them. This plant also will boost a bit of oxygen to space where you hang it. And, even though it may seem difficult, is in fact very easy to build a hanging plant. You will just need the following stuff: 

  • soil
  • string
  • scissors
  • water
  • plant
  • perlite
  • peat moss
  • a bucket
  • a water spray bottle

These materials are very easy to find. And, if you follow the right tutorial (there are a huge amount of them all around the Internet). Then you will have your own kokedama and, by doing so, you are a few steps away from your own vertical garden.