What is the ozone layer

If someone brings up the ozone layer in a conversation, chances are that it will ring a bell on most of us but we are not quite sure what it is. So, What is the ozone layer? Well, this layer is made for protecting the Earth from the harm of the ultraviolet rays (also known as UV rays). These rays come from the sun and are, actually, pretty harmful for our health and, in some cases, the reason number one of skin cancer. Thus, the function of the ozone layer is to absorb the UV rays before they get to the surface of our planet and, therefore, to us humans.  The ozone layer is a process which occurs in the atmosphere, above the surface of our planet on what is called the stratosphere.

The thing with the ozone layer is that, as you may know, is being damaged due to the pollution and the huge amount of CO2 that comes out of our planet. Pollution includes chemicals which are proven to deplete the ozone layer and, therefore, the UV  rays can reach us. These rays not only cause skin cancer but are also responsible for damaging your sight. 

To stop it, humanity needs to reduce pollution.